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Setsuro Ikeyama

FlourishedPrākrit, Jadivasaha, (India), 6th century

Little is known about Yativṛṣabha. He was a Jain monk who studied under ārya Maku and Nāgahastin. He composed, along with other traditional Jain works, the Tiloyapaṇṇattī (in Sanskrit, Trilokaprajñapti or Knowledge on the three worlds), a work on Jain cosmography. This work describes the construction of the Universe expressed in specific numbers; for example, the diameter of the circular Jambu continent, upon which India is located, is 100,000 yojanas and its circumference is 316,227 yojanas, 3 krośas, 128 daṇḍas, 13 agulas, 5 yavas, 1 yūkā, 1 ikā, 6 karmabhūmivālagras, 7 madhyabhogabhūmivālagras, 5 uttamabhogabhūmivālagras, 1 rathareu, 3 trasareus, 2 sannāsannas, and 3 avasannāsannas, plus a remainder of 23213/105409. Yativṛṣabha also gives formulas for computing the circumference (C) and the area (A) of a circle having a diameter of d:

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