From: Thomas Hockey et al. (eds.). The Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers, Springer Reference. New York: Springer, 2007, p. 745

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Mathurānātha Śarman

Setsuro Ikeyama

FlourishedBengal, (India), 1609

Mathurānātha Śarman composed the Ravisiddhāntamańjarī or Sūryasiddhāntamańjarī, an astronomical treatise consisting of four chapters and tables, in 1609. This work uses parameters belonging to the Saurapaka, one of the traditional schools of astronomy in India. The tables are for calculating the longitudes of the planets; there are also parallax tables for computing solar eclipses. He may have composed two other works, the Pańcagaratna and the Praśnaratnākura or Samayāmta.

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